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Feast From the East in 1981

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With very humble beginnings but very large dreams, Suzanne Toji and Steve Sumii started a small “hole-in-the-wall” restaurant in 1981 called Feast From the East. They offered a variety of Japanese and Chinese dishes as well as several popular Asian-inspired dishes such as their famous Chinese Chicken Salad and Sesame Chicken. It didn’t take long before the word spread of a delicious salad being sold in West Los Angeles.

Asian Dining Los Angeles 2016

Feast From The East in 2016

In 1986, Suzanne Toji became the sole owner of Feast From the East. As the restaurant’s popularity grew, so did its offerings and its restaurant. A separate dining room annex was added in 1989 and was replaced by two larger storefront dining rooms ten years later. The restaurant has gone through two interior remodels since then.

In 1990, Suzanne began bottling her delicious Sesame Dressing and selling them at Feast From The East and local independent grocery markets. Now you can purchase the same signature Sesame Dressing at warehouse club stores and specialty grocery chains throughout Southern California. The Feast From The East product line has expanded to include several varieties of salad dressing and Asian Salad Toppings.

Feast From The East has enjoyed over 35 years in the same location while serving the same signature dishes as when it opened its doors in 1981.